Friday, January 2, 2009

Exploring the book 'The Slave Ship'

I read 'The Slave Ship', by Marcus Rediker.

I have been discussing the book with African American Hebrew scholar Anthony Edwards. Our opinion is that the book is one of the greatest contributions to Igbo, African, American, and European histories.

The book has something to say about Igbo culture too.

For the first time I saw convincing evidence that Olaudah Equiano, whom the Igbos need to honour post-humously by naming a university after him, deserved a seat on the front row, as far as the abolition movement is concerned.

I recommend this book to everybody. For sure towards the end of the book the reader will be in tears, but he/she will be richer in every sense.

I will be donating copies of the book, to a few universities in Igboland in the next few weeks.

You can meet me at my blog where we can have more discussions about the book.

More in the coming days.


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