Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Erudite Afro-American Anthony Edwards' response to Remy Essay 'Freedom,Democracy,and Family: The Society of Biblical Israel and the Igbo Experience'

Tony once again I say thank you for your kind words.

The essay is good I think. My ancestral homestead (where my father was born is an obi). My love for the compound; the ancient altars, the ofo tree, the oji tree, the ancient walls, etc, was what inspired me. And when I began to write it began to flow. But it must be mentioned that the work became more beautiful as you saw it after the Kulanu leaders and Gladys Schwarz had helped me to review it. Also Gil Kobrin's (Derusha member) masterful editing of it contributed greatly to its profundity. When I read the piece I began to appreciate professional editing.

I have a local version of it, which is less free flowing; with many citations which I will send to you soon.

Tony your kindness is unparalleled. Your words really spur me on. And so do your great discoveries and acuity in the fields of African and Hebrew studies. I consider myself blessed to be opportuned to work with you.

I also doubly agree with you that knowledge is what we need to be free and to excel. I consider myself a beginner in Judaic Studies, but because I am looking at the subject from the Igbo angle which is very old and deep I have been able to see that Jewish Studies, resources, and their application can help humanity a great deal.

I will share your correspondence with some dear Hebrew friends who are not only keenly interested in the subject, but are also very knowledgeable about it.

More later.


On Mon, Mar 9, 2009 at 3:06 PM, Anthony Edwards <> wrote:
Remy I have just read your essay: Freedom,Democracy,and Family: The Society of Biblical Israel and the Igbo Experience.I am absolutely amazed beyond words, at the profound magnification of this most important subject, i'm almost speechless!You definately write with the clarity, and spirit of the Hebrew sages Of Old, there could not possibly be a single doubt left in the mind of anyone who understands the ability of the Hebrew to excel in ways that others marvel at when it comes to thinking processes, and ingenuity, and who read your work, that you are a man of Israel, a man of all the feelings, emotions and deep mental intuitiveness that comprises all the great Hebrews of ancient and modern time.I know this is quite an honor to bestow upon you Remy, and one not readily given unless due credit is in order, but I must say you have definately earned, and deserve this honor my brother.You are going to be an extremely important person, as you are already becoming, to liberate the African at home and abroad in a most revolutionary way, through knowledge, wisdom, and understanding, and as they say where the mind goes the body follows, so its the minds of people that is the gateway to true liberation, and what better tool of liberation to do such work than truth itself from the living document, the Scriptures.I have also done some thinking on the name CHUKWU, and how some Hebrew Israelite pronounce YAHWEH hard with a very strong Shemitic accent, and how Chukwu can easily been seen as sounding similar to the hard pronunciation of Yahweh.Thanks again for the great research my brother, and believe me, I am sharing it with many persons here.Shalom Aleichem, Tony

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