Saturday, June 12, 2010

Lectures on how Igbo-Israel treated twins

Nna ochie,

Authentic Omenana calls for a cow to be slaughtered for a major oriri (feast) if a lady delivers twins-if the husband can afford a cow. The problem is that our people are afraid to look at our past, because the missionaries who laid the foundation of our 'education' told impressionable lads and lasses that our past was barbaric, savage, and not worth looking at. And those kids naturally transfered what they learnt to succeeding generations. And today we have Igbos who know nothing about Igbo culture and religion, yet hate them with passion.

And because we are afraid to look at our past we keep on bludering in the present, and into the future. I hope that many more Igbos will begin to ask questions. Actually persons like you make it worthwhile for persons like me to remain on Igbo fora.

Ilona, R.C.

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