Monday, July 19, 2010

Steps to Redemption of the Igbos

Nwannem ……. ndeewo,Monday here, and we are beginning the rat race again. Any person thatuses the brain will be depressed by 'Nigeria', and an Igbo, more so,because if the Igbos had gotten things right, Igboland, and the Igbocommunity would have been an oasis in the actual hell that sub-SaharanAfrica has turned into.Before we decided to become like others we were ahead; far ahead. Evencolonial officers who declared their hatred for us stated so loud andclear. R. Collis said that we hadn't malnutrition-because we ate greenvegetables (unlike the others, including the Yoruba whom the Igbosworship today because they take them to, and teach them about Christ).My book The Igbos: Jews In Africa carefully laid out these, and more.Nwanne Chukwu has given us enough tools to free ourselves. Didn't Heempower people, including our son Emeagwali to make the Internet, andmake it available in our time? So that we would use it to look back,look at the present, and march into the future with knowledge andwisdom! However we must decide to be free. And we must decide to beholy, because we are the seed of the only people who entered acovenant with Him. We were at Sinai. Remember His warning throughProphet Amos if I recall correctly,' Israel, ye alone have I knownamong the nations, (be careful because), I 'll look into all yourtransgressions). The child we love we must reprove!Nothing wrong with loving money (other Nigerians love it even morethan Igbos). I proved that in The Igbos: Jews In Africa, but as Igbowisdom ( the Igbo sense) has gone, Igbos do everything crassly. thesame colonialists said that they didn't see prostitution as acommercial venture among the Igbos, but today all the brothels inNigeria have more Igbo girls, than girls from the other groups inNigeria. the Igbos: Jews In Africa provided facts and figures thatshowed that ndi Igbo wu o muta ogbakaria-the amateur who out-dancesthe professionals.The 'genocide' was a consequence of a crime! High treason! Committedby the Igbos! I'll try to forward to you my article which waspublished in the National Times newspaper. I don't know why Igbosrefuse to see what should be obvious. I don't know why Igbos refuse tounderstand what 'Biafra' really stands for: Well I shouldn't besurprised> Didn't Moses say that one of the consequences of idolatrywould be lack of discernment and wisdom.I told you in one of my last letters that as Igbos withdraw fromOmenana/Laws of the God of Israel, that their wisdom, power, etc, willbe reducing. Okpara and co were prophets if compared to contemporaryIgbos, but midgets when compared to Joshua, David, Elijah, Isaiah,Equiano, the type that Okonkwo of Things Fall Apart is the prototypeof, and their other ancestors.Igbos can only begin to think about redemption of any kind when asizable number of Igbos break free from the yoke of idolatry. This iseasy to achieve. If the Igbos know what is Omenana, and begin topractice it, they will break free of idolatry. Its not easy for me tosay the following as I could be misunderstood, and viewed as indulgingin self-adulation. But as we are dialoguing I'll talk. With God's helpI have been able to excavate the true history of the Igbos, and havealso found the true Igbo culture. It is Omenana, and I found evidencethat it is the culture of Israel, and that it remains pure, even whilethe Igbos regressed, and degenerated. Presently a group of Igboacademics, professionals, and artistes, based in Nigeria, and abroad,who have read some of my books have been assembling with the objectiveof rebuilding the Igbo people with what they found in the books. Inthe words of the facilitator, and the chairman of the 'Platform, 'wehave read many Igbo texts, but The Igbos: Jews In Africa' gave us akey which we had not known about previously'. And in the words of aleader of the group based abroad, 'after reading the book, it was nolonger gloom and doom, as I began to see light at the end of thetunnel'. If you read some of them you'll have the same feelings, andwill begin to think of how to make sure that many if not all Igbosbegin to read them, and begin to study about the Igbos.And who made it possible for us to have what is actually the base of IgboStudies? Its the Jews! Today a Jewish company is working to publish'From Ibri To Igbo-Forty Million More Jews In West Africa' besidewhich the books which kick-started the afore-mentioned group palesinto insignificance. More on that later, but I'll drop this before Isign off now, to restart later. If the Igbos begin to study the Jews,as they study the Igbos, redemption will come in no time.

Note: The treason wasn't against Nigeria, but against the God of our forefathers. A close reading of Deut 28 will convince you that we benefited from the blessings when we recognized Him alone as our God, and tried to keep His commandments, and that the Igbos are reaping the curses presently, because the Igbos have turned to another god, whom their fathers did not know.


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