Wednesday, September 1, 2010



The Igbos of Nigeria who number up to thirty five millions have a customary practice called ibu ihu. This practice requires every Igbo to set aside a percentage of his annual income, and to send it to his family where all the funds/commodities that have been collected will be shared by all the members of the family.

In former times when the Igbos were less influenced by other cultures ibu ihu was generally practiced. Then the Igbos paid this due with food. This contribution helped to ensure that the Igbos did not have much food hunger, destitution and a high crime rate, because the practice was an effective way of distributing wealth. Indirectly the wealthy gave to the poorer, who received without loosing face because they contributed as well.

Presently ibu ihu is almost extinct. Now due to this and many other factors the Igbo people are poorer and their society is becoming dysfunctional. Poverty and some other factors have led to an upsurge in crimes like narcotics peddling, violent crimes, and the other social vices. Also many Igbos are struggling to emigrate.

PROJECT IBU IHU NA IKE IHU is about a revival of this practice which would empower many Igbos, strengthen family ties, and reduce social tensions. If the project gains ground the Igbo people will be the better for it because many more Igbos, will become empowered, and thus poverty will be alleviated, and crime will be reduced.

Igbo-Israel should lead by enacting this practice as it prepares to celebrate rosh hashana, and observe the yom kippur with the rest of am Yisrael!

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