Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Part of the 8th Review/Comment made about 'The Igbos and Israel: An Inter-cultural Study of the .....Largest Jewish Diaspora'-to be on AMAZON tonight------http://www.amazon.com/The-Igbos-Israel-Inter-cultural-ebook/dp/B008N2VHBI.

•    Sunday
Ken Okafor
Remy, I will give my book review on Amazon tomorrow..it is currently
being proofread by my friend. Shalom
Remy Ilona
What's your overall view of the book my brother?
Ken Okafor
Remy, this is a different review to the one I submitted for
proofreading, but overall, your book is absolutely brilliant to read.
Your book should be in every Igbo family home across the world because
this would bring Igbo people together and it is obvious that Omenena
is the catalyst for unity and pride within us.
This helped me to understand what Igbo culture is all about, due to
the similarities between Omenana and Judaism -  I highly recommend
your book, more than the likes of ………and……….. I found it harder to
relate to ……… and ………, as both brought excellent analysis of our
culture that featured in the Torah, but lacked practicality as to how
Igbo people perform traditional Omenana. On the other hand you
described different types of Igbo traditions very effectively and
articulately describe the spirituality, i.e, the reasons for many of
the traditions.  And on Omenena via Chukwu Abiama, ie how He’s
perceived in the Igbo religion – that’s the best part of the book.
I believe your book can help Igbos to restore faith in our culture and
language especially because of the association with Jewish philosophy.
This is the book for younger generation Igbos to understand what our
culture is all about, and its detailed comparison with the Jewish
tradition can help us to be proud Ndi Igbo.
Also, it provides an easy approach to read Omenana with Judaism
(especially your work on the book of Deuteronomy) that easily
described our culture. Hitherto I found it very complicated to
understand our culture. But with our connections to Israel it became
clear - .........................................................................
but they are currently reading your book with high interest as well as
……… and ……….’.
Overall, your book is eventually our last hope to make Igbo culture
alive and well. Also, I believe you are following the footsteps of the
great Jewish philosophers, your work is for all Jews, not just for
African Jewish communities.
Remy Ilona
My brother I can't thank you enough for your very kind words. Chukwu gozie gi.
I can't wait to see and read your review. I know it'll be un-put-downable.
Ken Okafor
No worries...sorry for the lateness of my review as I have been
working, but I do hope ……….. documentary will be selected because that
will help your book to be promoted during the …….. Jewish Festival
later this year.
Have you recently posted the small monograph?
Also, do you know when Daniel Lis is releasing his book regarding the
Igbo Jewish connection?
Remy Ilona
Nwanne I had it put in the mail last Thursday.

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