Sunday, July 12, 2015

Remy talks about Igbo land tenure laws and customs...

Jenny, in Igbo culture women own land the following ways: lets begin with the family/ancestral land...which is shared among all the sons of the family...and this includes the females who chose to remain unmarried....each son owns his share with his wife/wives and children. I hope you know that in the traditional Igbo society, every nearly adult was there was almost no chance for anybody not to benefit from the family estate......the sons directly, and their sisters through their husbands who are sons in other families.....and should an Igbo girl remain unmarried and decide never to marry, she gets a share of the family land....but should she eventually marry, she relinguishes what she got to her brothers....because she acquires a portion of the land through her marriage...husband...reading carefully one would notice that some other customs, traditions, etc, are intertwined with the land laws of the Igbos. Sharing family property among brothers is contentious enough, and will even become worse when their brothers in law join the fray though their sisters who are their can only understand some of these things with careful study and when one divests oneself of feelings behind the statement expressed by Jenny....One made by our primitive forefathers which cannot be changed because it's only against women not men or one genuinely made for our greater posterity?

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