Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Discussions on Igbo Religion and culture

Wonderful work nwanne m Alfred! This work of yours should be read and re-read by every Igbo. So much to gain from it. I agree with many of your positions, but I also have a few points that I have questions on. In pure Omenana does ani or ana as we would say in Ozubulu mean the 'earth', or the 'land'? When the late Sir Warrior sang 'ala Owerri...' he clearly meant the land/country/territory of Owerri. Nso ana in my locality means what the land, country, people forbid. If I say ana Ozubulu I may mean the earth of Ozubulu. I may also mean the land, country or territory of Ozubulu. I'm trying to discover when some Igbos deified the 'earth', and today in the Igbo religion ana is believed to be a deity. What's happening now helps me to understand how ana became an Igbo deity. What I'm still trying to figure out is when this happened, and where it began. An Igbo began a year or so ago to say that the Eri whom the Igbos that live in Aguleri, Umuleri, etc, have always recognized as one of their ancestors, was a god, a spirit being. This claim was made to back up another claim, and posted on the Internet. In time a person who wants to form a religion may read this, set up a shrine for Eri, forge and concoct some stories, even fabricate 'miracles', draw followers and adherents, and in the future Eri would be described as a deity of the Igbos. I have also seen Igbos claiming that the sky is an Igbo deity, and that the earth, another Igbo deity is his wife. I mentioned recently, how an Igbo added that Amadioha is the son of Chukwu. In my research I saw only one Deity among the Igbos. That Deity is Chukwu.

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