Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Examining wrong conclusions on Igbo Studies with Emeka Maduewesi

Its up to us to correct a lot of wrong conclusions reached by 'authorities' who were not really qualified to be authorities on the Igbo. He was hinting that the character was a mixture of Negros and North Africans, because of the lightness of his complexion. To him because the man was light complexioned, he must be a cross-breed-a mixture of Moors and Negros. But not only has evidence been found that Negroes once lived in even places as northerly as present day Iraq (alongside other groups/ peoples of other colors), but also that no group has just one color. Caucasians or Europeans have different colors. The differences may not be as clear as the differences between the colors of the Negroid (sub Saharan Africans), but still the blond, and the brunette have different colors. Nwanne Emeka Maduewesi thanks for bringing this up.

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