Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Remy Ilona at the Jewish Museum in Miami on 16th Nov '15

Remy Ilona Friends, thanks for commenting and congratulating us. A very important update follows. I just stepped in, after spending the evening at the Jewish Museum in Miami Beach, Florida, where the Distinguished Professor Tudor Parfitt, who is one of the fathers of Jewish Diasporic Studies gave a great lecture about the phenomenon of the emerging and re-emerging Jewish communities. It was a lecture that you wouldn't like to end. The professor meticulously took us around the world, and with great skill told us what is happening in each place, steps that the relevant authorities in Israel are contemplating to take, what the 'communities themselves are doing, what researchers have done, and are doing, etc. And my people, the Igbo story was among the stories recounted. And were those in attendance which included scholars from institutions like the MIT, Florida International University faculty and students wowed? They were. There were many questions, and Professor Parfitt took them all. And at the end of the day, the Jewish people, and some members of the Parfitt Clan that were also in attendance left with much satisfaction. Yours humbly enjoyed the evening thoroughly. He engaged many of the invitees in lively discussions.....

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