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Catherine Acholonu:- I have immense respect for Chief Ilona more than
for any other person on the pro-Igbo Jew side of this divide because I
can see he really believes in wht he says. But the fact remains tht
every evidence he has come up with to argue his case can be usedboth
ways. The similarities between I gbos and Jews can mean tht Jews are
from Igbo land. The only reason Jews are not running around claiming
Igbo origin is because we are not USA. Yet, to think tht Jews have
been running all over Igboland spending money to convince us tht we
are their children should set us all asking "What do they want to take
again after the British had ransacked our land and stolen all our
cultural and spiritual TREASURES?" This ppl want our spirit to bend to
their service so tht they can command us through Kabbalah and command
the OFO whch only Igbos alone possess in the whole world, and thereby
rule the world, since we have been induced by the British lying
Christians to discard this instrument. If this is not the case why did
the visiting Israelites to Erilands collect sand from the Umuezeora
village of Eri's most inner settlement in Igboland. Wht are they doing
with the sand they collected from Obu Eri's environs? Why are they
trying to convince Nri ppl and Agulerians tht they are the children of
a son of Jacob born to Jacob's wife's maid servant. Israelites are
very knowledgeable ppl. They know the Truth. They know we are the true
Sons of God and the first sons for tht matter. And they know they come
from us, and that as such the OFO Chukwu rests in our hands to wield.
But they want to be the ones wielding it, so they can rule the world.
Jews are our blood brothers, no doubt about it. Infact the more I
study them, the more I see tht they are Aro Igbos. But our ppl are
just too naïve to think tht anyone would spend the way these ppl are
spending on this fad unless there is a great treasure in it for them
and a Greek gift for us. No gift is free. And certainly no big
monetary gifts are free. Not in today's capitalist world. Someone
always pays. Igbo men, know this: If u give up your divine right to
the Jews/Hebrews or whoever, the women will take your place, and
believe u me, it shall not be another Aba Women slaughter, for indeed
the entire gamut of our galactic council of deities are just waiting
to teach everyone the lessons of the New Age.
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Remy Ilona-I’m glad that our sister Professor Catherine Acholonu has joined this
debate, and has helped us by stating in very clear terms that ndi Igbo
and Jews are ‘blood brothers’. This helps to solve a problem. In the
submission that sparked off the debate I saw where the author stated
or quoted sources that expressed and implied that Igbo culture and
Judaism are not similar.  But blood brothers have similar, if not
identical cultures. And many of us have found, and proved beyond
reasonable doubt that the Igbos and the branch of the Ibri called the
Jews are genetically related.  So we can consign the submission to
where it deserves to belong; the rubbish heap. The malevolent attempt
to degrade the magnificent film, and the theory that the Igbos are
related to Israel got the reward it deserves; ignominy. Ignominy big
time! And presently the film and books talking about Igbo Israelism
are climbing the charts, because people want to know………

Our sister made some points that are less than accurate. The Hebrews
called the Jews possess the ofo, just as those called the Igbos
possess it too. Any one that  reads my latest book; “The Igbos And
Israel-An Inter-cultural Study of the Oldest And Largest Jewish
Diaspora” will get enough information about the ofo and its place in
Jewish culture therein.

Secondly, no Jew runs around Igboland, spending money, to convince
Igbos that they are related to each other. If , and as we are related,
as can be inferred from Acholonu’s admission that we are related
genetically, the need for that does not arise. The Jews that come to
Nigeria, and see some Igbos, see those Igbos that have realized the
importance of renewing their links with their brethren, and have
reached out to their brethren. The Jews that visited the places that
Acholonu mentioned in Anambra came at the invitation of some Igbos who
wanted them to confirm if Eri the ancestor of a group of Igbos
actually inhabited there. Judaism, as Omenana, is a non proselytizing
culture/religion. Jews actually block non Jews from joining them, and
I can’t imagine ndi Igbo permitting non Igbos to attend and
participate in nzuko umu nna of any Igbo community.

Acholonu holds that the Igbos were the first human beings to inhabit
the earth, as we can infer from the title of her book, ‘They Lived
Before Adam’. Likely she holds that view because some findings
indicate that (some) of the oldest fossils of the homo sapiens have
been found in Africa-at a point (East Africa to be exact) thousands of
miles away from Igboland. She has not proved that what she insists
that she discovered is the absolute fact. Objective analysis and
assessment of available data yields rather that everybody in the world
descended from man.

Acholonu holds that the Jews descended from the Igbos. I think that
she holds this view because she has not really extended her research
to Jewish history and culture. When you say the ‘Jews’ you are just
talking about the branches of Israel that lived in Western and the
Middle Eastern lands. An Ethiopian Jew was not known as the Ethiopian
Jew until recent times. He was known as the Falasha and as the Beta
Israel. The Jews of Somalia are known as the Yibir(mis) pronunciation
of Ibri or Hebrew), just as the Jews of Nigeria have been, and are
known as the Ebo/Ibo/Igbo-(mis) pronunciations of Ibri or Hebrew).

If we must be frank, Hebrew culture, which both the Jews and the Igbos
share, as can be inferred from Acholonu’s admission that ‘both groups
are blood brothers’ did not begin to evolve in Igboland. The epicenter
of Hebrew, if you like call it Igbo, if you like call it Jewish, if
you like call it Yibir, culture, is eretz Yisrael (the land of
Israel). We have enough evidence that the Igbos trekked from there to
Igboland thousands of years ago. Igbo language proves it. The Igbo
spoken 700 years ago is unmistakably Hebraic, and, and, and once
again, its in Israel, not, not, not Igboland where archaeology has
shown that Hebrew was in use more than 3000  years ago. Interested
persons can confirm this themselves. Some very old and obscure
dialects of Igbo still yield a lot of Hebrew.

Ndi Igbo certainly did not spawn the human race. Ndi Igbo are part of
the human race, from the family of Israel. It might salve our vanity
to think that we lived before Adam, but actually we didn’t. Adam which
means earth or and in some ways ‘man’ in Hebrew spawned the human
race, including the Igbos.

More soon.

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