Friday, December 14, 2012


Greetings Dan and Everybody else,

It should be easy to know and understand why "Jews" (I guess you mean
those in Israel and in the West) are organized, and Igbos are not. The
Jews are united because they still hold on to, and practice their own
way of life. This gives them unity. Gives them the a sense of oneness.
The Igbos have a ay of life called Omenana). Instructively you'd have
seen Omenana in the Bible if you had read my latest book which the
following link leads to-

Perhaps the presence of the whole corpus of Omenana in the Bible (the
Jews greatest text) will serve as convincing evidence to you that the
Igbos are Jews too. Back to why the Igbos are not organized, one, and
can sell, not only their brothers, but their mothers-the Igbos are
converts to another way of life, which does not teach the Igbos that
the Igbos are one people, and that they should be their brother Igbos
keepers. Indoctrination is important. I know Judaism well. From
infancy the Jew is taught that he's a Jew, and that every Jew is his
brother. From infancy no Igbo is taught anything similar.

Scholarly Jews and Igbos who have cared to compare the Igbos and the
Jews aver that DNA testing would be a mere formality; to confirm what
has been proved, beyond doubts-that both people(s) are one people
indeed. A Jewish scholar is presently trying to raise funds for the
testing of at least 10,000 Igbos. Igbos who feel its necessary to
contribute should let me know, and I'll inform the scholar.

We'd all like to not just die in Ozubulu, but to live in it, but the
place (Igboland) has been turned to a kidnappers den, and sadly
kidnapping might never end. And we can continue to go on and on. The
Igbos kidnap one another because they no longer see one another as
brothers. Tragic! Maybe we can reverse the Igbo fate by beginning to
study. And beginning from trying to find out who we are.


On 12/14/12, Dan Okenu wrote:
> Is that why IGBOS are found everywhere in the world.....and are being
> persecuted in Nigeria?
> But the Jews are organized, closely united and fiercely patriotic and help
> themselves - an injustice against one Jew is an injustice against all
> Jews.....and they fight it with the last pint of their blood........but
> IGBOS can sell their brother for what ever it's worth.
> I need some genomic/maternal DNA analysis please
> Ethiopian Jews were airlifted to Israell............Please I want to live,
> die and buried in the City of Ozubulu, People's Republic of Biafra (sorry
> City of Zebulon, Israel...the sixth son of Jacob and Leah)
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