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Zion Lexx's comment on 'The Igbos And Israel: An Inter-cultural Study Of The Oldest And Largest Jewish Diaspora'

Zion Lexx
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      God is Great! For over 17 years now, those who know me closely
know that I consider myself a descendant of the Biblical "Children of
Israel" (Jews). I base this on the Prophetic writings of Moses who
declared that as a result of the "Children of Israel Not keeping the
Torah (Laws) that gave them to live by, that we as a people would be
forced into Slavery by a people we have never known, who speak a
Language we will not understand, and we will be carried to a "New
Land" that they will take us to by way of "SHIPS" and there we shall
remain Physical as well as Mental Slaves to our enemies until the
appointed time that God has decreed to release us from this bondage, a
time No man can calculate for it is beyond our calculation! In
reflecting upon these Truths, I bare witness that Only so-called
"African - Americans" as well as So-called "West-Indians", fit the
above discriptions of what would happen to God's chosen people
(Israel) as a result of Not keeping His Torah (Laws). This has since
fueled a very passion pursuit of Truth for me, which has created for
me a very Indepth understanding of the Torah & Prophetic writings (Old
Testament) as well as an indepth understanding of the "Original
Language" of the Bible Hebrew עברית .

      The only missing link for me has been tracing back our spiriual
culture in West Africa, which is the place or region of Africa from
which All "Slaves" came from and actually faces the Atlantic Ocean,
hence the term/designation: "Trans-Atlantic-Slave-Trade". The only
historical work that I've based and correlated my Biblical findings
(Deuteronomy:28:15-68) with has been Rudolph R. Windsor's: From
Babylon to Timbuktu, a work which is above and beyond the time and era
of it's authorship, which pieces together the Puzzle of what exactly
was the so-called "Religion" of the Slaves before coming to America &
the West Indies and the Author interviewed several West African Tribes
who all agreed it was "Ancient Judaism". Well, for me, there still was
a sense of dis-connect from these Truths because they were told from
"Trans-Continental" point of view, meaning from many rivers away and
as history teaches us best, sometimes the separation of a Historian
from the vantage point of the work he's studying, can possibly create
intellectual holes and barriers in the Truths conveyed..... Then I was
Blessed to have met Remy Ilona, a Nigerian Author, who belongs to the
Igbo people of Southern Nigeria, and he recently published a book
which connects All the dots on what the religious/spiritual views of
our people were just Prior to the "Trans-Atlantic-Slave-Trade" and he
accomplishes this by defining the etymological, linguistic, & cultural
origins of the peoples of Igbo descent in Nigeria. He shows & proves
beyond a shadow of doubt that the History & so-called "Religion" of
our people just prior to Slavery, while we were still in West Africa,
that Judaism was our Spiritual identity and can be traced in the
contemporary language, customs, & Oral traditions of the Nigerian Igbo
people of West Africa, who like the Ashantee Jews of Ghana, as well as
the Lemba Jews who most recently were tested by Jewish
Scholars/Scientists looking to debunk their claims of Ancient Judaic
ancestry, it was found that these "African Jews" had the same D.N.A of
the Semetic/Middle Eastern Tribes of the Holy Land as well a stunning
revelation that they also possessed the "Priestly-Gene" known as the
"Cohen" כהן Gene, which linked them Not just to Ancient Jewry, but it
even linked these "African Jews" to the Priestly Tribe of Aaron, the
Brother of Moses in the Bible/Torah. I adjur anyone with a passion and
a zeal to rediscover your Ancient Spiritual Roots, before coming to
America & the West Indies, to read: From Babylon to Timbuktu by:
Rudolph R. Windsor, as well as: The Igbo and Israel by: Remy Ilona you
can click here to read & purchase this amazing work which so
accurately traces our spiritual roots back to the Bible (Judaism):
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            Zion Lexx ..... and here's the link for Professor Rudolph
R. Windsor's book: From Babylon to Timbuktu:
            From Babylon to Timbuktu: A History of the Ancient Black
Races Including the Black Hebrews:Amazon:Bo
            Amazon:From Babylon to Timbuktu: A History of the Ancient
Black Races Including the Black Hebrews

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  1. Are you sure that you know a thing about Igbos?
    What is the oldest recorded history of the Igbo and compare that to the Jews.
    So you base your write-up on what, Moses? SMH